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The Issues



The status quo is: you elect a council representative…and HOPE that he or she actually represents you once they reach City Hall. That archaic system of governing is known as “representative democracy.” Jon Jones wants to institute DIRECT DEMOCRACY - a form of government in which people vote on policy initiatives directly, and can author, present, and change legislation​ themselves. That would make Atlanta the first city in the 21st century to operate a functioning direct democracy.

To learn more about getting your power back from the politicians, visit our What is Direct Democracy? page.

Tax Reform


Spending Oversight

Jon Jones believes that social programs have the power to create benefits for society, but not when resources are being wasted and tax-payer money is being used to fund policies that just don't work. Jon plans to examine every proposed government expense under a microscope to determine if there is value for Atlanta's taxpayers. As a moderate fiscal conservative, Jon Jones believes that the answer to our problem isn't raising taxes; it's smarter spending.

To learn more about how Jon's Business background will lend to government reform, read About Jon.

Growth & Prosperity


Individual Liberty

The foundation of a productive city is happy citizens. When you can buy a house, earn a respectable income, find love, raise a family, and save money to fund your dreams – that’s when you know society is working. Civic engagement is at the heart of any prosperous city. Jon Jones wants to build a democracy that facilitates each individual’s right to personal liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Working together and giving every person an equal voice ensures that, collectively, we can pursue our own happiness without infringing on someone else's. To create such a society, Jon Jones believes it is necessary for people to participate in making the laws that govern us.

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Atlanta’s 5th District encompasses many of the neighborhoods that have been the hub of development during the past 20 years. But there are many neighborhoods in District 5 that simply aren’t getting the attention they deserve. As an Economist, Jon Jones understands how communities attract entrepreneurs, lenders, and home buyers. With community involvement, and consent from property owners, Jone will work to draw from the energy of Downtown and revitalize the often-neglected communities of Atlanta's east side.

As Councilman, Jon Jones will champion our district’s revival. To join the movement "for the people, by the people", Get Involved!

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