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About Jon

Jon Jones is not special....Well, at least not any more special than the rest of us. He isn't more important. And he isn't a "savior in a suit" who has all the answers to solve Atlanta's problems. NO. He is one man, in a city made up of millions of people just like him....

People just like YOU.

And that's the point. Mankind's progress is not driven just by the "Very Important People". Rock stars did not invent fire. Celebrities did not build the Empire State Building. The rich and famous didn't sew 50 stars and 13 stripes together to claim this territory as the "land of the free; and the home of the brave!"... NO. Our society is built by Average Joe, and Everyday Jane - common, hard-working people who drive the innovations that move our civilization forward.

This election, politicians will spend truckloads of money to convince you that they - and only they - possess a distinct quality that makes them "the chosen one"; that in a city of four-hundred thousand, they are the single soul with all the answers. But true democracy is based on the belief that no one human being is inherently more valuable than any other. America has no king; because we “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” and that our government derives its power “from the consent of the governed.”

For too long, our political system has emphasized the importance of giving one person power over others. We, the people, have willfully given our authority to a select few "leaders". Jon Jones wants YOU to join the movement to take it back!!!

Because when the people lead....the leaders will follow.

Jonathan Jones

Jon Jones:


With a Business Degree from Rutgers University, and a Public Policy education from UCLA, Jon Jones has spent the last 9 years in the private sector, helping to bolster the economy by doing what hard-working Americans like you do every day.

Jon first moved to Atlanta in 2010, and has been an active member of the community ever since. As a faithful taxpayer, and an informed citizen, Jon has always subscribed to the philosophy, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Jon has been a long-time advocate of promoting equality and fair representation, preventing childhood homelessness, and reducing wasteful government spending. Jon Jones is just one of the dynamic young professionals who make up the vibrant social landscape in Atlanta.

Ask J.J. Anything

What political party do you belong to?

I was raised with Democratic principles, such as advocating for social equality and environmental sustainability. Over time I have adopted ideals that support fiscal conservatism, limiting the scope that government has over citizens' private lives, and always reminding politicians that the source of their power is the people who gave it to them. Many have asked whether that makes me a Democrat or a Republican. My honest answer is "neither". I believe that the two-party system is often counter-intuitive to productive problem solving. Both parties have some good ideas, and both parties have some bad ideas. I never base the merit of an argument on blind allegiance to a party ideology. Most people would consider me a Centrist; I am currently registered as an Independent.


Why are you running for City Council?

The problems that divide our nation are the same problems that are dividing our city. Unemployment in the city's 5th district is high, and the number of new businesses willing to invest in our community is steadily falling. There's an old saying that reads, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." Atlanta's city government has failed to bring about the change that we deserve, so the only logical answer is that it's time to change Atlanta's City Government.

My plan is to fundamentally change the way City Hall operates. Every resident is not getting their voice heard, and so I plan to introduce a system of direct democracy. With user-friendly technology, electronic voting will allow every member of District 5 to vote on legislation, author new legislation, or make pleas to the city. Electronic town halls will keep every participant informed, and provide a level of civic engagement unparalleled by any democracy in the world! Using simple tools on the web and telephone will enable the electorate to create, propose and vote upon all policy implementations that effect them. I'm running for City Council to make Atlanta the first city in the 21st century to have a functioning direct democracy.

What makes you qualified for the job?

Well that's simple. When a person decides to vote for me, they aren't voting for me to be their elected representative. We've done that, and it's proven that it doesn't work. Every election, people vote for the candidate whom they THINK will make decisions on their behalf - only to find out that citizens don't have a say once back-room deals are on the table and elected officials put personal gain over the best interest of the electorate.

What qualifies me most is my promise to never do that. When a person votes for me, it's a signal that they want the ineffective politicking to be thrown out; and in its place, a new system of democracy be put in place. A vote for me signals that the people are ready to vote for themselves. We don't need to elect a councilperson who may or may not fulfill campaign commitments. My sole purpose is to establish a method that allows city residents to write, vote on, and adopt their own legislation - and facilitate and support that process in every way I can.

What makes me qualified?...

I believe that the people in my district can do a better job of governing together than any one person can do by themselves.


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